Saturday, 26 September 2009

Some goodies....

Oh my, am I bad..... its been a while since I blogged, so sorry about that but I've been trying to sort out all my stuff after the crash, make some photobooks for Christmas AND learn some new tricks. Time just got away from me.

Anyway, I have the final two goodies from our SASy Color Challenge for you. Enjoy

Download QP 4

and we'll be back soon with more news, fun and goodies for you.

Boo & the Blossoms x

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Happy Birthday MUM.....

Hey, its my Mums birthday today so I made a little lo for her. Her she is at my house enjoying a little drinkipooooooo, hehe!

Hope you have a wonderful day Mum, Love ya loads, Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhh Boo and the gang xxx

and I'll be back soon with some more goodies for you all
Take care
Boo x

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Brand New Kit and some goodies

Wohooo..... I have a brand new kit out. It will be available from Monday at SAS and for this week only its not only on special offer of 25% off its regular price but you will also get my gorgeous 8 page QP album with it FREE but remember, its limited to this week only.

This kit comes in several portions, all available separately or you can buy the bundle (kit, clusters, borders and alpha) for a reduced combined price. There is the 8 page matching QP Album 12x12, a set of six sparkly glitters (CU friendly) and, new to BooLand, our matching blogwear set, two blog backgrounds and two headers for the price of one. You can check out one of the blogwear sets here. The blog wear comes complete with step by step screen shot tutorial in jpg, word, and pdf format. Its so easy to follow even I could do it, lol.

Check out the slide show for some inspirational lo's using Clarrisa from our wonderful Blossoms and BooLand Friends.

Head on over to SAS to be sure of grabbing yourself a bargain while you can. Offer ends next Sunday.

I also have available from Monday a complete 8 page QP album and a Gorgeous Blogwear set for Daliance

Goodies for you
I also have some more gorgeous SASy Color Challenge goodies for you. Have you been over to the challenge yet? If not, get on down there and have a go at the challenge and earn yourself some points into the bargain.

Password is september

Password is septemebr

I hope you didn't have too much trouble with your downloads at 4shared today but they sorted the problem out pretty quickly and everything seems to be running smoothly now (touch wood)

Have a wonderful day. Enjoy your goodies and be sure to come back real soon for more goodies and another Brand New Kit

Boo and the Blossoms
Special thanks to our BooLand Friends who helped us out with some truly gorgeous lo's using our brand new kit 'Clarrisa'. We loved your work ladies.


Monday, 7 September 2009

Happy Labor Day Folks...

Hello and Happy Labor Day everyone.

I hope you are all having a lovely day doing whatever it is you folks do on Labor Day. Of course, we don't get that over here in the UK so its business as usual... sigh...

Still, not all of it's bad. We have a super fantastic SALE going on over at SAS right now where you can get a whopping 40% off many Designers goodies so be sure to pay them a visit real soon and grab a few bargains.

Don't forget my new kit Daliance is in store right now too at an even lower price just for today. Check out my slide show of all the fab lo's our Blossoms and BooLand Friends have created for us. There sure is a ton of Inspiration there.

I am also just putting the finishing touches to my latest brand new kit, 'Clarrisa' Here's a little sneaky peek at the kit. It will be hitting the store sometime next week and as always, it will be on special offer for the first week so be sure to pop in and see what I have for you.

And of course, I have another little goodie for you today. Continuing with our SASy Color Challenge which, btw, is going on right now over at SAS, I have the remainder of the Alpha for you. Two zips containing the numbers and accents.

You can download it here and here: Password is september
Have fun and come back real soon, we still have lots more goodies in the bag throughout September.

Boo and the Blossoms x

Thursday, 3 September 2009

More goodies for you....

Hi everyone,
How are you all today? Its been a very blustery day here in not so sunny Southport with some really horrible hard showers which naturally start just as Im taking or collecting Elly from school so I got soaked good'n'propper both ways.

Jay also started his new job as Assistant Principle this week. He walked in on his first day to find his new office in a total shambles including half filled coffee pot and cups that had been there all summer holidays....ewwwwww! Today he sent me a photo of his lovely 'tidy' office after spending the day re-organising it with his 'new secretary'. Oh yes, he's gone up in the world hehe. Apparently she wouldn't let him do a thing today and kept bringing him cups of tea. Me thinks they will get on just fine lol. The best thing about his job is he's saving 2 hours a day in travelling so now he gets home around 5ish and doesn't have to leave at the crack of dawn anymore, wohooo. We like that very much.

Enough of my day though. I'm sure you ladies want to know what I have for you today, right? I have the complete Lower Case alpha AND a yummy QP to go with our September Color Challenge for you to add to your collection. There's loads more to come throughout the month so keep checking back.

Don't forget to check out my new kit 'Daliance' now in store over at SAS. Its on sale for this week only with a huge 30% off and I'll have some gorgeous lo's from my Blossoms and some wonderful helpers to show you next time too.

Yes, I know that Dalliance is spelled that way but its just my little 'spin' on it, no other reason girls. Stash, I'll sort you out with that little blunder asap hun. Thanks so much for pointing it out to me and a whopping BIG thank you to you all for your super comments too. They really do mean such a lot.

Last thing before I pop off. Do be sure to check out all the goings on over at SAS this month. We have literally TONs of stuff going on with great challenges, Designer Contest (lots of free goodies) Points to collect and what do we say? 'Points make Pounds'.... Well, we do over here lol so run on over and take advantage of all the great stuff going on. I'll see you there.

Boo and the Blossoms

*Stash Empress. Please email me (booboo6204 at hotmail dot co dot uk) for your corrected WA hun. Thanks*