Monday, 16 March 2009

Freebie and Sale.....

Can you believe I've been OFFLINE for so long?? I can't. It's been like living in a closet with slats in the doors. I could peek out every so often and yearn for the light but then somebody would turn off the light and I'd be in the dark again....arghhhhh.....

Thanks fo my fabulous Blossoms and a few little sales here and there I was able to get the pc fixed up enough to at least get back on line though my poor photoshop just doesn't want to run for more then a few minutes at a time so...........

I'm having a huge crazy 'Kiss Me, I'm Irish' sale to try and help fund a new pc. I gotta get me creatin' fix before I go totally gaga..... lol.

Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING in my store at BooLand is a whopping 80% off for St Patricks Day and beyond. Grab the goodies while you can. A sale like this can't last forever....

and just because you ladies have been so lovely emailing me and checking I was ok here's a little extra something I had lined up for a challenge. Its yours today. Enjoy and please leave a little message. I have sooooooo missed hearing from you gals.

Download here

* This link is now working, have fun*

Until next time. Have a wonderful St Patricks day and please, dig deep and help a worthy cause..... Ok, maybe not that worthy but worthy enough...yes?? ;) and visit my store. You'll find some amazing bargins.

Hugs to you all

Boo xx

*Just a little edit for you all.... I seem to have made a BooBoo (lol) re the store sale and had it at 75%. Its all fixed now and you will get the full 80% OFF EVERYTHING in my store...wohoooo.

For those lovely ladies who already bought at 75% please bear with me. I will be emailing you a little compensation next week. Sorry I can't do that sooner but we have a huge family wedding on this weekend and I'm already up to my eyes in family trying to get organised hahaha. You know what they say, all the best parties end up in the kitchen and my house is definately the kitchen this weekend.

Have a lovey day


Boo xx