Friday, 30 October 2009

Happy Halloween Everyone....

The SASiest Halloween yet
Hi everyone. Wow. this month has just been crazy for me. I've had a real 'head like a sieve' month lol. I got an awesome deal from ArtsCow for 5 20 page books and 5 39 page books so I've been working like crazy putting them all together to get them ordered in time. Well, I'm delighted to say I have got them all and they came out fantastically. I think I'm going to have some very happie family members this Christmas hehe. So anyway, thats why I have been MIA but its all done now so I can get back to having some fun.

First I wanted to say a big thank you to all you lovely ladies who took part in my SASy October Color Challenge. It was a lot of fun and we had some awesome entries. Well done everyone.

This is a preview of my November Color Challenge starter kit which is FREE throughout November via my SAS store. It will be available from Nov1st. You can find out more about it and my Color Challenge here and I'm sure there will be some lovely freebies to go with this through November so keep your eyes peeled.
I have a new kit in store especially for our fantastic SASy Halloween event. Its on sale right now at 50% but hold on to your witches brooms ladies because SAS are holding a wonderful ONE DAY ONLY 'SPECIAL SALE' on ALL halloween products on Halloween Day (31st Oct) when anything halloween will be on sale at a whopping 60% regular price. Wohoooo. Check out the ads above showing just some of the awesome products and activities in this special event

Don't forget, its not just Halloween products on sale this weekend. Everything in store is a massive 50% off. Thats right. EVERYTHING 50% OFF for this weekend

Check out my kit here

Why not check out our SASy forum and enjoy some of the fun Halloween things we have to offer you this weekend. One of them is to dress up your Pumpkin. You can win an awesome prize for this and many other fun activities. The template is available via the SAS forum.
And best of all..... A FANTASTIC GIFT for all our visitors on Halloween. A huge Designer Collab PU Grab Bag and its NOT halloween related. Is that fantastic or what!

Heres a preview of my portion. Check out the details in the SAS forum

and here's the previews of what's in the bag. All this just for visiting us on Halloween.

and finally, we are having a fab, fun blog hop on the 7th November so make sure you tune in for that. Its going to be 'Legendary' as Barney (How I met your Mother) would say

See you soon
Boo x


Rebecca said...

I sure hope I get my broken computer back, or my son leaves his laptop here tomorrow so I can get that SWEET TREAT!!! Your kit looks awesome!!

Stash Empress said...

Thanks for your grabbag goodie -- so beautiful! And I'm looking forward to your November CC as well!