Friday, 31 October 2008

The final DAD and SASy Chat

Hello everyone and a very Happy Halloween.

Today I have the final DAD for you. Wow. Its been a very busy month with tons of super goodies hasnt it? I'm so glad you've all enjoyed this month of goodies and some of you have even said its been you're favourite kit so far, WOW, thank you so much for that lovely compliment.

You can grab todays DAD here or click on the preview. Enjoy
*This link is now expired.. Thanks so much for your interest. If you would still like it, please check our Bargain Bin at BooLand where you will find our previous Blog freebies on sale*

There will be no DAD for November due to us fixing all the hiccups in the store and Forum but that doesn't mean you won't get some great goodies right here on my blog so be sure to pop back often as you never know when I'll be in that 'generous' mood, hehe.


Meanwhile, please DON'T forget our fantastic first LIVE CHAT in the SASy chat room tomorrow. Yes, even I will be there and I can promise you, we have a ton of gorgeous goodies for you. Even our fearless and somewhat mysterious leader, JulieO is coming in for a chat so be sure to get there nice and early and grab a seat. Its going to get pretty busy lol.

And a little reminder. We are having a MONSTEROUS SALE over at SAS. Everyone is putting their SASy Stores on sale for a HUGE 50%. Now thats something to get excited about isn't it.
Well girls. I'm off to put on my green makeup and black dress. Elly and I are going to my sisters for some Trick or Treating. Elly is going as Darth Vador and I am going as Elpha'boo' from Wicked hehe. I think the name fits me perfectly, don't you?

Hopefully, I'll get some good photos so watch this space.

Until tomorrow, have a good Halloween
Boo x

ps. almost forgot. Thank you all of you who gave me awards. At some point I will get them on here. Its such a thrill to know you've recieved an award and I've been very slack getting them up but please bear with me, as soon as I get the store/forum sorted, you'll see them appearing. Big hugs to you all for thinking of me.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Wohooo BOO hehe
Its the SASyiest Blog Party around
Hellooooo everyone and welcome back
Well, even though I'm still full of a rotten cold and feeling pretty rough, I couldn't not be here for all the fun of Halloween now could I?
All our SASy Ladies are joining in the fun so be sure to follow the blog train for tons and tons of fab goodies, or is there a trick or two up our sleeves hehe. Only one way to find out......
Here's my little trick.
Grab it here or click the preview then hop along to the next blog in our train. Have fun
Password is sasyblog
*Edit* Oh my word. I am so sorry all you gals who downloaded up to now and didn't get the full kit. Can ya tell I'm not 100% lol. Please go back and grab the second zip from the same folder. Its there now. Huggles, Boo xx
*This link has now expired. Thanks so much for your interest. You can find our previous Blog goodies in the BooLand Bargain Bin*
Jeanette (mITSYBELLE)
And to make things even better, if thats possible, we are having a HUGE Store Wide Sale. A fantastically spooky 50% off all our goodies so get on over there and grab your selves some super bargains
As if that isn't enough. we are having our very first fantastic SASy CHAT and you are all invited. Its going to be a super event with lots of us SASy Designers popping in to chit chat with you all and yes, we have lots of surpeise goodies planned for you so be there or be square.... LOL

And you may have noticed....
We've been having quite a few of those hiccups I mentioned in a previous post regarding our store/forum and Gallery. I'm delighted to tell you we have a new Blossom on board, Tori, and she is going to be sorting our all our web issues. Right now, Tori is busy getting all the little hiccups sorted out for us so that you can all enjoy a stress free time at Booland. Meanwhile, we are hosting the last of our DAD's right here on the blog
so here they are. Enjoy
Link Expired or click the preview

Link Expired .Thanks so much for your interest. You can still get these blog goodies over at the Booland Bargain Bin.

Thats all for now folks. Come back soon for our SASy chat and even more fab goodies. See you then.

Boo and the Blossoms xx

Friday, 24 October 2008

Your DADs for the Weekend and Forum news

Hello and welcome back everyone.
WOW, can you believe we are nearly at the end of our October DADs? Its been a crazy kind of a month here in BooLand but we are begining to see the light at last.
We have a Brand new and fully functional Gallery that we hope you will all love. Whats more, we have our very own forum also up and working. You only need to register in one of them to be automatically registerd in the other which is great news isn't it?
Of course, there are bound to be some hiccups along the way. Does't every new house have settling cracks lol. I'm sure we'll be no exception but I have NO DOUBTS our fab booland members will excuse the odd 'baby burp' while we make Booland a hip and fun place to be.
First hiccup is that as yet we do not have a working link from the Blog here to the forum but thats being fixed. Meanwhile, to get in and register, simply click on the GALLERY in the header and you'll be able to navigate from there. We can't wait to welcome you all to our home. Fresh tea and scones are on the table so please make yourselves at home.
Oh, and we want YOUR suggestions. If you think of something that you feel would add to the fun at BooLand, please let us know.
And since its the weekend, I have for you your weekend DAD's, all available now through our store so do pop along and grab yourwelf some goodies.
and here is our week 3 review. Cool huh? What a lot of yummilicious goodness. And all for FREE.

A little note for you. Keep your eyes on SAS next week. We have some FANTASTIC stuff going on. Can't tell you more yet but believe me, its ALL GOOD... heheheh

Until next week, have fun and enjoy a great weekend.


Boo and the Blossoms xx

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Gallery and Forum Update...

Hello and Welcome back...
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I have some important news for you all regarding our new Gallery and Forum.
As you know, the gallery we had originally was very difficult to navigate and upload to. As a result of the messages we got regarding the problems we decided to invest in a much better 'user friendly' Gallery and we also decided to add a Forum for all of our members at Booland. A nice happy place for us all to meet and keep up with the various things going on here.
Unfortunately, these plans have not gone as smoothly as we'd hoped. We have discovered after much difficulty that the current gallery has to be completely 'deleted' for us to be able to install and set up the new and better gallery. This means sadly that all of the lo's in there now will be lost. We have tried desperately to find a way to save them and transfer them over to the new gallery but this is not possible so please accept my deepest apologies to all of you who have spent time uploading your wonderful lo's so far and for those of you who have entered our challenges too. We feel just awful that you took time to do this and they will now be lost
The good news is that once the old gallery is gone and the new gallery installed, it will be MUCH EASIER to find your way around, set up your galleries and upload your fab lo's and we sincerely hope you will do just that. We have done this for YOU, our wonderful members and we truly hope you'll feel the extra little time involved will be well worth the effort. Once the Gallery is set up, the new Forum will also be ready to enter. You will find all our challenges and lots of other things there as well. We are sure you'll enjoy your time there.
As soon as everything is ready to go, I will let you all know. Meanwhile PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD TO THE GALLERY.
Thank you all so very much for your understanding.
Now, we have previews for yesterdays and todays DAD's for you and a little review of week 2's DAD's.
ALL of our DAD's are available via the store so please just pop along there and go to your Daily Download Catagory.

Week Two in Review
Have fun. Back tomorrow with DAD 22.
Boo and the Blossoms xx

Friday, 17 October 2008

We're growing.....

Hello and welcome back every one...
Well, you may have noticed we've grown another leaf in our header! Yes, we now have our very own BooLand Forum where we can all get together for chit chat, challenges, fun and games.
Ok, so its empty at the moment lol but hang in there. We are just waiting for our brand new, easy to navigate Gallery to arrive some time next week and we will be charging ahead with a whole host of great things. For now, the leaf is not clickable but as soon as we have everything in place I'll let you know and you can pop along to register and so on... Exciting stuff huh!
and since its Friday and we have Jess with us this weekend I've added all three DADs to the store for you to collect as I won't be around much until Monday. Have fun.

I wanted to bring to your attention this gorgeous brand new kit by Bren of Millstream Cottage over at SAS. She and some friends have put it together in aid of US Navy boys over in the gulf.
It's only $3.00 and 75% of that will be used to make holiday boxes of every day items for the sailors on the USS Ramage currently serving in the Persian Gulf.
Its a super cause and a stunning kit so pop along to her SAS store to grab it here
Find out more about the kit and what its for here

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. We can't wait to see you in the BooLand Forum and don't forget, you can find more Apple Orchard goodies over on the Blossoms Blog.
Boo and the Blossoms xx

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

DAD 15 and some SASy Goodness

Hi everyone
Well, I got so busy with stuff today I almost forgot to make my post lol. That would never do now would it. So you'll find our DAD 15 in the store now. Click on the preview to go directly to it. Have fun.
and be sure to check out the Blossoms Blog for some extra goodies.
SAS have just released their October Mega Kit 'Gathering Leaves' OMG its totally gorgeous and packed to the brim with delicious goodies that I just know you are all going to love. Check out some of the previews below.

and this is my little contribution to the Mega Kit. You'll find the kit on sale over in the SAS store. This beautiful fall themed kit has 67 papers and 86 elements, and it is on sale for $5.95. Just click on the preview to go directly to it.
and here is your SASy Newsletter link which has a fantastic 8 Newsletter exclusive freebies hidden in it plus links to 27 other goodies available in store so be sure to grab it. Its a great read.

Link to newsletter

ok, thats all from me today folks. Have a good one and Sharon hun, I sure hope you remembered today, you only need to sign up for the BooLandNews ONCE hehehe.

Hugs to you all

Boo and the Blossoms xx

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

DAD 14 is now available

Hi Everyone, just a short post today to let you know our DAD 14 is up in the store so pop along and grab it.
Have fun
Boo x

Monday, 13 October 2008

Another DAD and some great news....

Hello and welcome back...
I hope you had a great weekend and bagged yourselfsome super bargains too. I had a pleasent and peaceful weekend which makes a nice change for me. Usually, I'm all over the place, isn't that always the way with family lol?!
Well here is todays DAD for you. You can grab it in the store by clicking on the preview. Have fun.
My SASy Color Challenge
The mystery thickens. Who will be next to discover a cool freebie kit? Who dunnit? That super lo? All this and more mysteries uncovered in our super slueth color challenge. Find out more here

and don't forget. There is a hefty REWARD for those who take part...
Wohoooo. SASy Ladies are planning a fab Halloween Blog Party. Be sure to pop along and see whats on offer. Will it be a TRICK or will it be a TREAT?
My Special FEATURED Kit for October is this gorgeous Mega Celebration kit filled with fabulous Fireworks, whispery stars, trailing lights and delightful chinese lanterns. Whats more.... Its on sale at 50% its regular price for the whole of October so be sure to grab it while you can. Its a real Champion of Champions.
Only $2.50 during October

and if you sign up for our BooLandNews, you'll get an additional Jubilee giftie absolutely FREE

and finally, I have some super news for you. Our little family of Blossoms is growing by two. We have Debbie, who's been a Booland Fan for eon's she says and my dear friend Selena is also joining us so look out for some great new lo's in the Gallery real soon. Welcome ladies. Its so good to have you with us.
Have a super day everyone. We'll be back tomorrow with another DAD for you.


Boo and the Blossoms xx

Friday, 10 October 2008

So Exciting..... and of course, KimB... hehe...

Our very first BooLandNews Newsletter is complete and ready to send. If you have not already signed up for it make sure you do by clicking on the Yahoo button in the side bar to the left. Believe me, its well sorth it. Rebecca, our BooLandNews Editor has put together a fab 1st edition with tons of great tips and info including a full tutorial on how to use our Gallery as well as some super 'exclusive to BLN readers' goodies to go with my Featured Kit (below). There's even an interview with little ole' me.
To celebrate our opening and fab 1st Newsletter I created a brand new kit. Inspired by the recent British Musical Firework Competition held annually in my home town, this kit is packed with gorgeous papers and over 30 unique elements. Its on special sale for the whole of October at 50% off its regular price. WOW, what a bargin. You can find it here

and here's a little lo I did to remind me of the fabulous event. You can find out all about it including links to You Tube Videos of the winners of the event in our BooLandNews (click the Yahoo Button on the left to sign up for it)
Our DAD's for the weekend
I have made available the next three DAD's for you for this weekend so be sure to pop along to the store to grab them and don't forget to upload your lo's using the DAD's to our DAD challenge Gallery to be in with a chance to win yourself some goodies.
You can grab them here

Our fab member Miessee entered this gorgeous lo . We loved it. Thanks so much for sharing hun. You can find the full credits here

and I promised you a KimB goody for today. Here it is.

Click the preview or go here to grab it and have fun.

This link is now expired. Thanks so much for your interest. This blog goodie will soon be available to purchase in the Bargain Bin at BooLand.

and finally, our SASy Newsletter is now out with absolutely tons of great stuff including some fab hidden goodies so be sure to grab it here.

Happy scrapping weekend folks. We'll be back on Monday with more DADs and stuff for you.


Boo and the Blossoms xx

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Welcome Home Selena....and Congratulations

Wohooooooooooooooo, I heard from my dear friend Selena. You guys remember our fab Freebie Hunter don't you. She took some time out after the very sad lose of her lovely Dad and to have her longed for baby but she tell's me she's back. Hurray. I sure have missed you hun. Can't wait to pop on over and see your new blog and that little treasure you've been hiding from us too.
Here's the link for Selena's new blog. I havn't been over yet but knowing Selena, its bound to be busy with tons of goodies for you all so make sure you pay her a visit.

Ok, ok, Yes, I'm a day late with DAD 8 and a day early with DAD9. Well, after sorting all the store issues out my pc went a crashed on me and I couldn't get into anything at all. Tomorrow I have some stuff to do in town so I'm posting early to be sure you get your goody on time. Hope you enjoy. Have fun. We'll be having our blog goody on Friday and I just happen to know that Rebecca is very busy working on our very first BooLandNews which is going to be packed with special surprises just for our readers so be sure to join our Yahoo BoolandNews and don't miss out. You'll find the link in the side bar on the left.

Oh and Nancy, Erika is back in store just for you hun.

Thanks so much for your lovely comments ladies. I sure do enjoy getting them so please keep them coming.

Here are the previews for DAD 7,8 and 9 and a review of our first week of DAD's

See you all on Friday


Boo and the Blossoms xx

Monday, 6 October 2008

Fantastic Fireworks....

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend. As you know, I was headed toward the Marine Lake in town for the annual British Musical Firework Championship Event. Its set over 3 days, usually two shows per night but this year we celebrated 10 years of the show (and I'm proud to say I've attended every single one, lol) so it was extra special with all the previous winners attending. So on Saturday we had 3 sets.

OMG, Friday was soooooooooooo cold my poor mum had to go home before the show even started. She was BLUE. I had Elly wrapped up in huge coat and a blanket but I thought my fingers were going to drop off lol. Still, I was not going to give in to the cold and stayed to the end and it was well worth it. The two shows were absolutely fantastic.

Saturday was almost as bad. We got soaked to the skin. The rain poured down but it didn't stop people venturing out to enjoy the shows which again, were totally breath taking but.... Sunday... oh Sunday was perfect. The weather was fantastic, calm and warm and clear as a bell and the fireworks were the best I have ever ever seen in my life. What a fantastic end to a great weekend. I'm so lucky we have this event in our little town.

I still don't know who won though I have my favourites. I am attempting to upload some of the videos I shot to YouTube but they are pretty BIG so I may not be lucky. That would be such a shame because I would love for you to see just why I get so excited. They really are spectacular.

Anyway. If they upload ok, I'll edit this post with a link. Believe me, you won't be sorry you took a moment to pop on over and have a look.

*Edit* Well, I promised you a link and here it is. I hope you enjoy this little segment and I do mean 'little'. This was just one tiny part of just one of the shows on Sunday night. I just couldn't get any more on without editing the film and I just ain't that good hehe.

If you enjoyed it, please do leave a comment there. Thanks. By the way, these came joint 3rd so does that tell you how good the winners were???

Ok. WOW, well the DAD's are proving popular and I'm so thankful we managed to fix the problems in the end. A huge thank you to our Michelle and to Lori over at SAS who was a star coming to the rescue. I hope and pray we have ironed out most of the kinks but as with most things, that is never really possible is it so please bear with us. We are trying our best.

DAD 6 is now available in the store. Pop on over and grab it quick. Also, we will have a little blog freebie for you later on in the week. A little clue..... KimB..... hehehe, saying nothing more. You'll have to keep checking.

Don't forget to check out my SASy October Color Challenge too. I've a great Starter Kit to get you going. Its free for October and available at SAS. And the fab SAS news letter is also available now. If I find the link, I'll pop it in. Otherwise, get on over to SAS for it because it ALWAYS has tons of 'goodies' in it hehe.

And finally, our very own Blossom Font Challenge. Come on ladies. Get on over to the Blossoms blog and grab that font. I cannot WAIT to see what you come up with.


Boo and the Blossoms xx