Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Gallery and Forum Update...

Hello and Welcome back...
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I have some important news for you all regarding our new Gallery and Forum.
As you know, the gallery we had originally was very difficult to navigate and upload to. As a result of the messages we got regarding the problems we decided to invest in a much better 'user friendly' Gallery and we also decided to add a Forum for all of our members at Booland. A nice happy place for us all to meet and keep up with the various things going on here.
Unfortunately, these plans have not gone as smoothly as we'd hoped. We have discovered after much difficulty that the current gallery has to be completely 'deleted' for us to be able to install and set up the new and better gallery. This means sadly that all of the lo's in there now will be lost. We have tried desperately to find a way to save them and transfer them over to the new gallery but this is not possible so please accept my deepest apologies to all of you who have spent time uploading your wonderful lo's so far and for those of you who have entered our challenges too. We feel just awful that you took time to do this and they will now be lost
The good news is that once the old gallery is gone and the new gallery installed, it will be MUCH EASIER to find your way around, set up your galleries and upload your fab lo's and we sincerely hope you will do just that. We have done this for YOU, our wonderful members and we truly hope you'll feel the extra little time involved will be well worth the effort. Once the Gallery is set up, the new Forum will also be ready to enter. You will find all our challenges and lots of other things there as well. We are sure you'll enjoy your time there.
As soon as everything is ready to go, I will let you all know. Meanwhile PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD TO THE GALLERY.
Thank you all so very much for your understanding.
Now, we have previews for yesterdays and todays DAD's for you and a little review of week 2's DAD's.
ALL of our DAD's are available via the store so please just pop along there and go to your Daily Download Catagory.

Week Two in Review
Have fun. Back tomorrow with DAD 22.
Boo and the Blossoms xx


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Boo!!!!!
TY so very much for yesterdays & todays AWESOME DDL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Off to grab them now!! LOL

xashee's corner said...

So glad you're back and thank you so much for the DAD!! :D

Cindyrelly said...

Hi BOO ;) I love your blog and designs so I decided to give you an award. Come pick it up at my blog :) TTFN...Cindy http://cindyrelly.blogspot.com/
P.S. Congratulations AGAIN on your new store and blog!!