Monday, 27 April 2009

News and Freebie...

OMG.... had it really been THAT long since I last posted?? Where on earth did the time go? Ok, so most of you will know I've had major issues with my pc etc. I didn't manage to get a new pc sadly, thats still in the pipeline though, but at least I got this one working to a degree so I've been frantically trying to catch up with everything. I didn't want to post until I had a little treat for you all too.
Anyway..... here's the update for you all.
BooLand Store
You may have noticed that my header has disappeared??? I just did and it seems my store is not available?? It may well be that somewhere in this mountain of emails there is one from the hosts telling me my subscription is due. If that is the case, and I think it is, then this is as good a time as any to have a good old clear out. I don't plan on re opening my store at the moment since there is so much going on with my other stores but for all those who purchesed products from there recently, please be assured that your links should still be active for 45 days following your completed order.
Now, yipeeee, cause that means BooLand can have a nice fresh Makeover hehe. Ohhhhh what shall it be?? Got any suggestions??
New Stores
BooLand recently opened a new store at DigiDesignResort, Wohooooo. I've only got a few of the kits uploaded to the store at the moment but I will be adding them bit by bit along with new ones I'm in the process of creating so do keep an eye open for that.
I am also delighted to announce that as of today BooLand will also be selling at WeScraps. For those of you who love to scrap traditionally (paper) and Hybrid, you'll love this store as it has just about everything you could possibley need for your hobby. And today, for the first time, they have opened their doors to include a whole Digital section so you are truly going to be spoiled for choice. Check them out here.
Opening Soon....
And I have yet more news.... oh Keep your eyes open for a brand new super dooper digi store opening its doors very soon. Its going to be awesome with tons of lovely new things, great challenges and competitions and goodies and some awesome Designers too so keep your eyes and ears open for news of its launch date. I can't tell you more just yet but I can tell you that I will have two brand new kits ready for the Grand Opening and a little bird tells me there is to be a fab Grand Opening Sale too, wohoooooooo. I'll pop a little tease on here soon.
Best news of all....
As Im sure many of you know, my first digi home, SAS, has recently undergone some very difficult times with our lovely sasy owner, Julie, going through a very difficult time to the point where she felt unable to continue SAS. We really thought SAS was about to close (arrgghhh) but thankfully, the day was saved when Toiney aka PiggyScraps stepped up and took on the challenge. Way to go Toiney.
OMG, she is doing just an awesome job at SAS with all sorts of fantastic things planned and the forums are full of excitement for the future. We have new Designers on board including our very own Blossom Trudie, aka ScrapBrat (isn't she awesome) as well as new challenges being created, competitions being hatched with fantastic prizes and the atmosphere is WONDERFUL, I LOVE my SAS. Be sure to check it all out here and sign up for the newsletter for even more treats.
Make sure you check out this link. SAS are holding a FANTASTIC new competition with the most awesome prizes. its time for a SAS EXTREME MAKEOVER
All the info for the competition is there. It starts May 1st so be sure to get on over there and sign in for your chance to win. Good Luck everyone. I can't wait to see what you all come up with.
Freebie and Kims April Grab Bag
Finally, how could I not pop in and go without leaving a goody for you all. Especially when you've all been sending me so many lovely messages which I've truly appreciated. Today I have a little mini for you. Its KimB's gorgeous April Color Challenge and this is my take on the swatch. Yes, I know the package says MAY but I got so excited at having my CS3 back I forgot what month I was in lol.
Oh yeah, I don't know if the special offer is still on but Kim has a fab CU grab bag out this month packed with super goodies as always so if you get chance, get over to DSO and grab it while its on offer. I'm sure it runs out at the end of May so not much time.
Password blueboo

Well thats about it for now. I sure hope you're all in good spirits and health. I can't promise to be on 'regularly' just yet but please bear with me whilst I get everything up to date and then I'll be around a lot more. Thank you everyone for all your wonderful support. You guys ROCK.
Boo xx
*Little Edit... As you can see, I've changed my look, what do you think? I love it. Gorgeous blog template is from the wonderful Lily. You'll find a link in the side bar)
No more BooLand Store for now at least. But you'll find my stores in the sidebar.
Have fun, huggles xx *
* Hey Sharon, I fixed the link for you for the Irish kit. have fun*